oh no! bad stuff happen!

uh oh, really bad things happened! a couple weeks ago, a pipe exploded in my house and practically flooded the basement. now, that wouldn't have been so bad (considering my step-brother nad my little brother's rooms are down there) but it was! you see, my dad had kept ALL of mark's comics in a cardboard box (dumb), without plastic covering (dumber), on a rickety shelf in the storage room of the basement (dumbest!). so when all the water came through the basement celing and down the stairs, it got all over his comics and it ruined them. now, that wouldn't have been so bad if they weren't all signed AND given as personal gifts from mark to my dad. not only were the mark bode comics ruined, but a number of other ones (zap, cherry pop-tart and others) were also ruined! the only good thing to come out of this is imagining the people at the insurance company when they asses the damage...

it'd be really helpful if someone oculd tell me where ot find mark's (and the zaps, too) comics. ebay, amazon, anywhere.